Selected Publications

Poetry & Fiction

Grammar I: The Instructor Speaks in Defense of the Casually Heterodox and Grammar II: The Instructor is a Descriptivist AnarchistConnecting Writing Centers Across Borders, 2017

ExvocationLiminality, 2016

Lighthouse WordsRust+Moth, 2016

Maps and Other MysteriesRogue Agent, 2016

Mooneyed – The Machinery, 2016

Jean Grey, Everdying, Expresses Frustration at Cyclical Bullshit – Freezeray Poetry, 2016

When I Was Afraid of My Grandfather’s Skin – Blue Monday Review, 2015

slenderman xo – Black & Gold Review, 2013

The Figure of Disfigurement – Prick of the Spindle, 2012

Apana – Product, 2010

One, the Other, Both, or Neither – Product, 2008



Forthcoming refereed chapter: “Dead Air and the Lights Above the Arby’s: The Power of Poetry in Welcome to Night Vale” – 2017

Why The Legend of Korra is the Most Important Thing (Not) on Television – Black & Gold Review, 2014

Intermediate Hurricane EvacuationBlack & Gold Review, 2014

Introductory Hurricane Culture – Black & Gold Review, 2014

Doctor Who & the Jean Grey Effect – Black & Gold Review, 2013